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We capture memories, tell love stories, and create unforgettable moments. Our dedication to top-quality work sets us apart in the world of Asian Wedding Videography and Cinematography. We bring your special day's joy, culture, and beauty to life.

WHO we are

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Founder's Journey

I first believed into the world of storytelling when I became an editor. Through editing, I learned how to carefully put together different moments to create compelling narratives that were full of depth and emotion. It was a journey of exploration where every project allowed me to express my creativity on a unique canvas.

As much as I love working in the editing suite, my passion for storytelling goes beyond that. I wanted to be a part of the most memorable moments in life, capturing raw emotions and genuine connections. That’s why I decided to take a new direction in my career. I wanted to be more involved in the creative process, so I shifted from an editor to a wedding videographer and cinematographer. With 10 years of experience as an editor, my skills were a natural fit for this new journey.

Years of Legacy

Our 13-year legacy is a testament to the trust bestowed upon us by countless couples who have allowed us to be part of their most cherished moments. Over the years, we’ve evolved, refined, and perfected our craft, embracing the dynamic landscape of wedding videography with creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the nuances that make each love story unique.

Why you choose us first

Seasoned Artistry

Our team brings a wealth of experience and an artist’s eye to every wedding we capture. With 13 years in the industry, we understand the delicate balance between tradition and modernity, crafting videos that stand the test of time.

Cinematic Excellence

Clearcut Production is synonymous with cinematic brilliance. We go beyond mere documentation, infusing each frame with emotion, storytelling prowess, and a touch of cinematic magic that transforms your wedding video into a captivating masterpiece.

Client-Centric Approach

Your love story is at the heart of everything we do. Our client-centric approach ensures that every detail, every emotion, and every nuance is captured with the utmost care, reflecting the uniqueness of your journey.

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